Costruzioni e riparazioni navali ed off-shore


Over the years our group has specialized in maintenance, repair and alteration of buildings offshore, as well as the installation and testing of equipment on board oil rigs:

Work carried out for SAIPEM

Construction of which
Scarabeo 3, Scarabeo 4 and CRAWLER
maintenance crane and towers.
On the semi-submersible platform Scarabeo 8

  •   Installing wagons bridges for BOP handling system (BOP BOP Over Head Crane & Moon Pool Trolley)
  • Installation of integrated systems and remote-controlled cranes for handling and storage of drilling pipes (Hydraracker, Riser Pipe & Chutes, Bellyboard & Fingerboard, Riser Gantry Crane, Catwalk Machines)
  • Installation cranes and dragging sleds for handling Xmas Tree (Baseplate Trolley & XMas Tree Skid)